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Speed up your web development by providing real data for swift feedback, easing IT setup and boosting data quality and reducing costs by up to 80% using reusable UI & data components.

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Build your app with real data right from the start

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Save costs by reducing time-to-market by 50%

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Increase data quality and gain vital insights

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Build secure, "decoupled" web applications

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Popular Use Cases

Make your first steps in the dcupl Console

Check out our short introduction video and explore the dcupl Console with one of our demo projects.

For developers

Quick and easy product catalogue

We have created a demo based on freely available fashion data. Check out the dcupl Docs, start with the demo and add your own data.

For developers

How to "dcupl init"

This video shows how to install and use the dcupl CLI with npm to start a new dcupl dev project.

For developers

Connect your dcupl dev project with your Console project

This video shows how to create a local development project with the dcupl CLI and link it to the dcupl project in the Console.

Leverage the Power of Pivoting in Your Web Applications with dcupl

From making large datasets simpler to improving data insights to informed decision-making - pivoting can do wonders when implemented correctly. So if you want to maximize the potential of your business operations, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about leveraging the power of pivoting in your web application!

dcupl pivot tables

Reduce Time-to-Market By 50%

Create exceptional user experience, develop independently with superior developer experience, test and roll out quickly and with ease.


"frontend first" is our mindset. The frontend first approach ensures that the web developer is able to start with real data and data amounts within 1 day. Representative user feedback can be collected right away. Functionality and UX is validated in no time.


Your API isn't ready? No problem! The “Dual-Speed Principle” relieves the pressure from the IT departments being able to provide real data right away and having enough time to implement and expose the necessary services. Time-to-market is reduced enormously.


With dcupl you can reuse your data resources within multiple projects and application types. Using the powerful modelling language and the loader configuration, you define application-specific settings and load the data you need for your actual application.

dcupl takes away most of the dependencies that prevent our front-end team from working uninterrupted and being productive, like unfinished or constantly changing APIs. It provides a simple to use SDK, that handles a lot of the boilerplate code needed in every application!

Daniel Krenmayr, Senior Front-end Developer
Daniel Krenmayr
Senior Front-end Developer

dcupl Toolset

dcupl is a set of established, proven tools and services, built on the basis long software engineering experience in countless complex digitalization projects.

dcupl developer kit


Simple CLI for starting and managing dcupl projects

dcupl CLI


IntelliSense-assisted development with numerous pre-built functions

dcupl SDK


Ready-to-use Components & App-Templates

dcupl Components

The dcupl developer toolkit gives developers a boost by abstracting repeating processes and avoiding common pitfalls from the start. dcupl follows best practice implementation patterns and ensures high-performance functionality in your client (browser) and server environments.


dcupl Console

SaaS-based App Development Platform

The dcupl Console helps you to develop, test and explore your dcupl applications. Since dcupl is based on certain standards we are able to visualize and interact with your application data without knowing the specific use case of your application itself.

time, effort and value of live prototypes with dcupl

dcupl Pre-Processing

Uncover the benefits of using dcupl pre-processing to get the right data for your applications. Cut your data horizontally and vertically based on target models and by means of dcupl's complex, nested queries. Input data is read in and rewritten in a correspondingly reduced form.

time, effort and value of live prototypes with dcupl

Continuous Data Quality Testing & Data Governance with dcupl

dcupl offers a platform that allows various stakeholders to receive updated information about integrated data resources and improve measurement of data quality within an organization. Make decisions based on facts and create better customer experiences.

time, effort and value of live prototypes with dcupl

Create secure, “decoupled” web applications with dcupl

Use dcupl to create scalable, secure, data-intensive web applications with fast loading times, no connectivity dependencies and minimal backend infrastructure.

time, effort and value of live prototypes with dcupl

The dcupl Dual-Speed Approach

Accelerating change while easing the pressure on IT departments.

time, effort and value of live prototypes with dcupl

Unlock the Power of Front-end First

Maximize Efficiency for Developers and Delight Business Users!

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